Point/Elder name : Crossebewghe

Grid Reference : NT 60250 16860

1545 : X

Remains : Possible site N of Fulton

Access : Possible site N of Fulton

Archaeology? : Possible

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Part of Bedrule. Sometimes marked ‘Crosscleugh’. This was a small farm between Bedrule and Fulton Tower on the east side, probably on the fields to the North East of the former Wells Kennels. In 1545 a place called ‘Crossebewghe’ was burnt by Hereford and is likely to be the same place. This is marked on the Pont manuscript of the 1580’s. This might also be ‘Huntly Hill’, a building marked on Herman Moll’s of 1745 and on the 1822 map. There is a field to the NE across the road from the Kennels still called by those at Bedrule ‘Corse’s Cleuch’. A burn or cleuch rises up the bank to a spring and what is now a wooded area at its source. This is a likely site, and there is a level area on the south side where a building might have been; a fallen tree has brought up masonry. The general topography in this area is not entirely natural and there looks to have been quarrying. About 200 yards to the SE is an oval enclosure at the top of the field, with what appeared to have been a drystone wall and ditch, but nothing definable within; it is similar to the enclosure on Bonchester Hill. A few tree stumps suggest that this might have been a plantation circle; part of landscaping for Wells House policies.