Dykeraw Tower

Point/Elder name : Dykra

Grid Reference : NT 62840 09060

1545 :

Remains : Site only

Access : Farm

Archaeology? : Possible

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This was probably the Nether Dykeraw recorded by Pont. In 1694 a David Oliver was charged for four hearths. In 1797 a James Hargrieve, shepherd, of Nether Dikeraw paid tax on two dogs; this might be the tower site. In 1858, during the OS survey, two sides were described as surviving, with walls five foot thick. Much less remains now, only a fragment of the N gable wall, although much as shown in Tancreds 1905 illustration. It is not clear when it was dismantled. In the 16th C it was attacked at least once - there is a record of a raid where Sir John Ratcliffe wasted the district in 1513. Dykeraw Tower was well defended, and the raiders only managed to subdue the occupants by “laying corne and straw to the dore and burnt it both rofe and flore, and so smoked theym owt”. (Mortons Monastic Annals P. 22, itself a transcript of Cotton MS Caligula B VII). He goes on to describe further details of this raid, with attacks at East and West Fawsyde. Recently a silver coin from the 16th C was found in the field by the tower with a metal detector.