Hawthornside Tower

Point/Elder name : Hawthornsyde

Grid Reference : NT 56620 12120

1545 :

Remains : Site only

Access : Farm

Archaeology? : Unlikely

Hawthornside Tower

At the top of the hill, on the west side of the road just beyond the old mill pond, is the reported site of a tower; some maps refer to it as ‘Tower Knowe’. The record is intermittent, but it is possible the site is marked by a faint rise in the grazing. No masonry, adjacent banks or field arrangements survive. Tower Knowe is marked as a cottage on the 1843 map, appearing to be a cottage close to the road on the SW side. Walter Deans reported to Tancred that the door rybits in the farmhouse close by were of good size and probably had come from the tower.