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Grid Reference : NT 6432 1042

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Hindhaughead Tower

This site consists of the footings of three buildings on the edge of the bank above the Jed water. It is described in the Inventory of 1932 as ‘no structural remains survive’, but there are clear footings. What may have been the tower building is 30 x 23 foot, with walls about 4 foot thick. A second building is 6 foot to the east measuring 17 x 29, with thinner walls of 3 foot. A form of perimeter wall extends to the south west. The third building is to the north on the very edge of the scarp. It is less substantial, with three bays 50 feet in length, 14 foot wide.

This tower was burnt in the raid of 1513 by a group of Sir John Ratcliffe’s party of around 500 men, where it is described “…. Burnt the town of Hyndehalghehede, and a toure in the same, flore and rofe” They went on to burn East and West Fawsyde, “with a pele of lyme and stone in it” (Morton’s Monastic Annals P22). In the 1694 tax roll a ‘Ladie Shaw’ is listed, with two hearths, and later as ‘Lady Shaw’, with three.

Good context for this and other Upper Jedwater sites are described in the RCAHMS Forestable Land Survey “Southdean, Borders”.