Rue Castle

Point/Elder name : Ruecastell

Grid Reference : NT 61209 20042

1545 : X

Remains : Site only

Access : Field

Archaeology? : Possible - pasture

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The OS in 1858 reported ‘6 chains South of Ruecastle. The remains of this are now extinct, a great portion of the present buildings having been erected from it. (Fullarton?) gives it as a place of great antiquity & appears to think that the Courts of Justice were held here, and afterwards removed to Jedburgh’. In 1513 the castle was burned by Lord Dacre along with Lanton. The force was substantial -three thousand horsemen and three hundred infantry. This castle was held by Homer Dixon, writing in 1889, to have been a Dickson Castle. It was burnt again by Hertford in the raid of 1545. As a result of the 19th C and 20th C developments any obvious remains of the castle or its outworks have gone. Checking the OS position of 1858 gives an approximate location in a triangle of grazing, between two deep cutting cleuchs. This is a very obvious position with good natural features on two sides; but walking the ground however shows little. To the east, close to the farm cottages, are traces of a circular bank, also close to the steep edge of the cleuch, but probably more to do with cattle and agriculture than defence.