Tour of Rule

Point/Elder name : Tour of Roul

Grid Reference : NT 59964 14268

1545 : X

Remains :

Access :

Archaeology? :

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Tour of Roule

In contrast to the modern location of Town O Rule, the original place or settlement is shown by Pont is ‘Tou of Roull’, to the north east of Hallrule Farm, about halfway along the river between Billerwell and Hallrule. This area to the north of Hallrule Farm is open arable ground sloping down to the river, and in this area is only one area of ground that might correspond to the location shown by Pont. This is on the boundary of the two fields, close to the river, and is a raised knoll or finger standing about 5 metres above the cultivated ground aligned NW/SE extending into the flood plain; the river is about 25m to the SE. The top of the knoll is a level platform about 21 metres square. This level area is covered with rubble and large stones. It is very likely to have been the site of a structure of some kind, and there is enough room for a good-sized building. While there are many mounds and hollows on the surface, nothing allows any layout to be discerned, these may be relics of stone robbery. Badgers have an extensive set across the entire surface and some edges of the steep bank. Debris around the holes shows a red clay; there is no sign of any lime or construction debris. The bank is at an angle for approx. 40 degrees. To the SE is soft wet ground. The cultivation in the fields on both sides comes up close to the bank on the north and south side. There is no obvious track or access, although the natural approach is along the line of the dyke, a form of causeway.